Que Pica Ambassador Program

Do you want free candy? Do you have a following on social media? Que Pica Candy is currently seeking brand ambassadors to spread the word.

As a Que Pica Ambassador, you'll enjoy amazing perks like free products, social features, and 15% off every purchase for your friends family, and followers.

How To Become a Que Pica Ambassador

To apply to become a brand ambassador for Que Pica Candy, please provide the following information:

  1. Full name, email address and social media accounts for Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, your blog, etc. Be sure your accounts are set to public.
  2. Please write a short paragraph telling us why you would make a great brand ambassador for us.

Lastly, send your completed application to: partners@quepicacandy.com with the subject line: Que Pica Ambassador - Full Name

    If you would like to join the Que Pica Candy brand ambassador program (and start collecting those perks!) we’re looking forward to meeting you! And if you know someone you think would be perfect for the role, please send them the link to this page!


    • Free Candy
    • Sneak Peak at New Products
    • Exposure through our growing Instagram and Facebook Pages through re-posts
    • 15% discount for you, your friends, and followers with your own unique promo code
    • 10% commission on each sale* using your affiliate link or promo code