Q: I have a brick-and-mortar shop. Do y'all offer your items at Wholesale prices for me to sale?

A: Of course! We would love to be in your shop. Check out our Wholesale page to get in touch with us. 


Q: Do y'all still offer Local Pickup

A: Unfortunately, we currently do not offer local pickup. We are at local Dallas markets from time to time. If we announce that we'll be at one and you want to meet us there to pickup your order, please let us know before ordering and we'll be happy to do that.


Q: Do y'all offer non-spicy candy?

A: No, Que Pica Candy, does not offer non-spicy candy. 


Q: Can I become a Que Pica Candy Ambassador?

A: YES! We would love to have you as an official Que Pica Candy Ambassador. We just launched our Ambassador Program and we can't wait for you to sign up. More info here.


Q: Are your candies edibles or regular candy?

A: No, our candies are not edibles


Q: Do y'all have vegan options?

A: We do! All our vegan options are marked on the product page itself. We've also added the ingredients list for you to decide for yourself as some ingredients aren't always considered vegan. Check out our Vegan collection


Q: Are y'all coming out with more candy or Rim Dip flavors?

A: We won't say no but at the moment we are not currently coming up with new candy. We'd be glad to take your suggestions on candy or rim dip flavors.