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    Eva, De Colores Co

    "I really love their products so it's very easy for me to say y'all this stuff is good"

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    Fried Papita, CYC Podcast

    "Go get some fu***** candy. Get some Chile Gushers, that sh**'s amazing"

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    Maria, SYDCA Podcast

    "My favorite Que Pica candy are the skittles, gushers, what else? The Sandias are really good. I just like chile!"

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Red bag with Chile Sandias scattered around on red background


Everyone loves a little kick to their favorite candy and that's where we come in. We offer a variety of your favs in both 5oz and 10oz bags for you to share or keep for yourself!

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3 rim dips slightly open and chile powder on yellow background

Rim Dip.

Our Rim Dips are great for your hard seltzers, beers, or just about any drinks. Also great with fruit, to eat on it's own, or with some of your favorite Que Pica fiery sweets!

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2 people smiling in front on vendor stand

Vendor Market

From time to time we'll be at markets & events in the North Texas Area. Check out our event calendar to see where we'll be at!

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